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PNDE: Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation

A genuine market leading insurance policy for Evacuation following a disastrous event. Includes the following unique and reactive clauses:

  • Point of Incident Evacuation during a Political and/or Natural Disaster.
  • Hibernation – a security team secures your location and personnel until the situation dissipates.
  • Expertise Increase – insert a specialist team to shut down your facility/offices or recover documentation

Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation Limits can be up to USD/GBP/EUR 250,000 per person, USD/GBP/EUR 5,000,000 per incident, USD/GBP/EUR 10,000,000 per policy.

PNDM: Political, Natural Disaster and Medical Evacuation

Covers all travel evacuation necessities by including Medical Emergency Evacuation with the PNDE.

It is more expensive than purchasing the PNDE on its own, but by incorporating medical emergencies whilst travelling our clients are comforted by the fact that our swift response in almost any emergency will be covered by an insurance policy.

Crisis Protect

A comprehensive combined travel and kidnap insurance policy designed for individuals and companies travelling in high risk and non-standard locations.

We provide a wide range of covers, and you may choose the ones you need for your specific travel, including customising the insurance sums:

  • Accidental Death, Capital Benefits, Temporary Total Disablement, Kidnap Consultants Fees, Search and Rescue, Personal Security, Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation, Medical Expenses and Evacuation, Personal Belongings, Ransom.

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Accidental Death / Dismemberment / Permanent Total Disablement

A lump sum if: an accident causes your death or an accident causes your permanent loss of sight or permanent use of a limbs or an accident causes disability that permanently prevents you from continuing your usual occupation

Temporary Total Disablement

A salary related regular income if an accident prevents you from continuing your usual occupation

Kidnap Consultant Fees / Personal Security / Search and Rescue

Expenses for costs incurred by Our Crisis Management company when: undertaking release negotiations if you are kidnapped (does not include Ransom), or security arrangements if your life is in danger or the cost of finding you and returning you to a place of safety.

Political or Natural Disaster Evacuation

Expenses incurred for emergency evacuation following Political or Natural Disaster.

Medical Expenses

Expenses for the cost of treatment/evacuation/repatriation as a result of an accident

Personal Belongings

Loss or Damage to Personal Belongings during your trip


Cash, monetary instruments, bullion or the fair market value of any securities property or services surrendered to meet a kidnap demand

Amount of Cover

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Temporarily Total Disablement

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The aggregate amount is subject to a maximum of 75% of salary.
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Medical Expenses

Personal Belongings



Your selected covers includes a lump sum in case of Accidential Death. Please provide names and contact details of your beneficiariesthe insured persons' beneficiaries.


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Other Insurance Policy

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Please provide details of any kidnap, kidnap attempts or threat to kidnap any Insured Person in the last 3 year


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Health Declaration: Pre-existing Condition

If you require Medical Expenses coverage, the Insurance policy will cover a pre-existing condition if it is declared prior to the journey. Have youany of the insured persons suffered any physical defect, infirmity, disability or chronic or recurring illness?

Person name

Full details of the condition

Remember to include the full name of the person having the condition.

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Other Insurance

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